Wednesday, February 06, 2008

riding to bike meetings

There is something ironic about riding your bike to a meeting about riding bikes. Ironic in a good way, like the more you think about it the more it makes complete sense. Rode the crosscheck down to the Vandy Panera for the monthly SORBA meeting. No, I'm not in SORBA yet, though they allow me to come and crash their meetings and check out what they are up to. I don't have a great reason not to be in SORBA, gotta few personal reasons but in the big picture they aren't that meaningful.

It was a cold night and Beth tried to convince me I should drive to avoid becoming more sick. It was great advice, that I didn't heed. I got to Panera quicker than expected but people were already there for the meeting. The meeting lasted longer than I expected and after a little chatting, the idea of going to get a pint at South Street was uttered. Everyone walked over and I rode alongside. Two pints of Dos Peros and some baked beans later, we paid up and split ways. The ride back was brisk but went by fast. It was a dead night on the town so the ride was a bit surreal and very peaceful. Surprisingly after the cold ride, I feel better than before I left. More of my voice is back and my cough feels better.

Rolled in and unpacked and showered up, now it's time to watch some Planet Earth and fall asleep. good day.... hope to feel better tomorrow. I already feel a bit better, though that could be the couple drinks at dinner talking.

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freshie & zero said...

yeah, what do i know? every time you ride when you're sick, you usually seem to feel better so i'll stop giving you health & wellness advice... maybe.

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