Wednesday, February 27, 2008

on it's way

We had a great snowy day today. Not much accumulation as usual, but for once it snowed all day, and not just all night. Thankfully I was able to stay off the roads with the crazies and head to work later in the morning. Met with a mastering engineer friend for a while tonight and got some great advice and shared stories. He's helping me take my skillset to the next level and also helping me revamp my engineering sample CD (reel).

Looks like I have a package at the way from who? .... Rivendell.... Let me tell you how great this company is with it's online store. They stock a nice variety of products that most bike shops don't stock, they include personal descriptions of the products infused with a mix of sarcasm and real life reviews. They include great "real" pictures of the products and best of all, they have a great 60 day return policy. I was told there are no stipulations or fine print with their return policy. Use it, abuse it; if you don't like it, return it.... within 60 days. Wow! I was sold and made my purchase. It helped that their price was $30 cheaper than the other site I was considering. (thanks go out to Troy for hipping me to their website)

This is an important week for the Metro Parks Master Plan for Parks and Greenways. They are having meetings each night at a different location to discuss future changes to the plan. Some of the Yazoo crew are riding to the meeting tomorrow night by Edwin Warner Park to help bring some more trails to Nashville and to help make Nashville a more bike friendly city.

Here is the address for the meeting if you are interested and can come out:
Thursday, February 28, 2008 at 6:30 p.m., Warner Parks Nature Center,
7311 Highway 100, Edwin Warner Park, Nashville, TN 37221, Phone: 615-352-6299

I need to get some miles in this week to help out with my Snake performance on Saturday. I haven't taken the time to fit in riding lately and I need to. Tomorrow should involve some good mileage and hopefully I can get another easy ride in before friday night.

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