Friday, February 15, 2008

My first test saddle from Harpeth Bike

I'm in need of a new, more fitting, saddle for the crosscheck so I went down to Harpeth Bikes this week to see what Fred could offer. They are a test center for Selle Italia so I got hooked up with a test saddle, a Flite Ti.

I meant to take it for a medium length ride this week to check it out but I had too much work to fit it in. Tomorrow is a long, gravel grinder ride with a group; not the best time to be testing a new saddle. We'll see how it goes. I spun around the neighborhood a little tonight trying to get the tilt and position worked out. First impressions are that it may be a little too narrow for me. I hope that isn't the case.

I've only liked WTB saddles for my mountain bikes but admittedly I'm not that picky. It also doesn't make a big difference with mountain biking since I'm always moving around and standing up. This Flite has less overall padding than I'm used to so I'm hoping that it's initial discomfort will be mainly due to that.

I hope to be able to pick a great saddle quickly but I do not want to rush the decision. We'll see how this saddle works. If it's terrible I'll go back and try another. I'm sure Fred can get my hooked up with some choices. I would also like to try a decent length ride with a WTB Devo if I can manage to find a demo.

Time to finish my Yuengling and my prep for tomorrow.


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You know I've been considering this saddle:

Selle An•Atomica

Seems like it may be a good fit for me. Very similar to a Brooks with a softer leather, faster break-in time, and more give in the middle area.

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