Monday, February 25, 2008

mud, bbq and an ass

Last week was a mellow week overall. (minus the Green Hills crime spree) Worked down in Franklin three days on some remastering projects which was a nice change of pace. I hadn't done much of that kind of work since last fall. I helped out a friend on tuesday and filled in for him on a tracking session. I filled in the gaps with a fair share of Google work and a ride with Troy on tuesday.

Went out thurs to the tap room with Beth in tow. There was a good crew there even with a few of the staples preferring to go on Friday night. Beth and I were going to see a show at 12th and Porter later in the night so we hung and followed the crew to Sam's for a beer. Unfortunately Sam's still thinks it's cool to smoke and smoke a lot so we bailed quickly and headed to Jackson's for a bite and more beer. Good times were had by all with a lot of team talk and cellphone web browsin'.

Beth and I headed to 12th and Porter from there and paid our way into a show. Sam and Ruby performed a great show! I was fortunate to meet them over a year ago when they were starting some demos in Nashville. That turned into cutting a record at Oceanway and doing months of overdubs. I helped out with a lot of the overdubs with recording vocals and guitars and some editing. They are a great group with a cool new/old sound and great personalities. I'm glad I was able to make it to the show.

Beth and I stayed in friday night and chilled out. I was up early saturday to meet Dan and Thad and head down to the DSG course in Fayetteville. Rode down with Dish and Poey which was a treat. Dan got to snuggle with Dish in the back while Poey rode in my lap the entire way with his jacket on. We arrived at the Cotton Mill Preserve without incident and visited for a bit before we got organized and split out into the trail. Our group was on drainage and trail arming duty. All the rain this week helped us know where the trouble spots were and where to nick and tuck to help the trail drain better. I had never been to this trail so I was hoping for a ride, as we all were, but it was way too muddy.

After a few hours of work, we were all treated to some great bbq, beer, chips and cookies from Clay. We all relaxed and caught up with each other. It seems I haven't ridden with most of the people there in months so it was nice to chat. SORBA/NMB and the DSG crew (Grant) held a raffle giveaway for some great swag. I scored a pair of DSG Swiftwick socks and some tire levers. Thad got a special prize.... a Donkey Alarm Clock, which we heard many times on the way home.

Next up was "Thad rides a Donkey" which had everyone's attention. We all huddled around with cameras ready to document the carnage. Sadly it was a clean ride, probably a full 60 seconds. After everyone settled down from the excitement of miniature horse riding, we loaded up and headed back to town.... bummed we missed riding but accomplished that we got some great trail work done.You can view a view of Thad riding an ass here...

Chewieez's Cottonmill Workday 2/23/08 photosetChewieez's Cottonmill Workday 2/23/08 photoset

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