Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a little self boasting

I just found out that three of the albums I worked on in the past year and a half were nominated for Grammy's and two of the three won!!

Unfortunately, I don't think assistant engineers receive anything as I was low man on the totem pole on all of the projects. I know I worked on them though and it's also fun to see engineer friends of mine win as well.

I will refrain from passing judgement on some of the albums and songs that won. One man's treasure is another man's trash.

The albums I worked on are:

Vince Gill : These Days
(Won Best Country Album)

The Clark Sisters : Live One Last Time
(Won, Best Gospel Performance and Best Gospel Song)

Smokie Norful : Life Changing
(Nominated for Best Traditional Gospel Album)

Congrats to all the people involved in all the albums and songs that won! Keep working hard and hopefully we'll survive!!


freshie & zero said...

One day you'll have a grammy... maybe you can mount it on your bike like a hood ornament?

-d said...

boasting a little? how com ecornfed isn't calling you a name dropper.

congrats man, that is pretty cool.

Chewieez said...

Cus he doesn't know who any of the those names are... well, maybe Vince.


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