Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Perfect Saturday

It would be hard to beat the Saturday I enjoyed yesterday. I met up with Johnny5, the new 9-5er, and Scott "Monster" McConnell out at Lock4 for a few laps around the park. For once I showed up on time, which was a half hour before Thad so I rode a bit before he arrived. Then Scott said he and his buddy were running late too so Thad and I went out and rode a quick 1/2 lap. Then we met up with Scott and his friend John whom he was showing the ropes of off-road riding to. Another Wood N Wave rider was in attendance having seen Scott's invite over at the Nashville Mtn Bike forums.

We had a good size group and filled the spectrum of skill and fitness level. The trail could not of been in any better shape. It was tacky and fast and really let you rail into the much fun! It was another cool morning with a ton of humidity but made for great riding weather without the fear of getting overheated.

On to the more exciting photos of the day:

I think I spot a Catahoula

Puppies aren't shy are they?

Hey there JD!

Moots trail dog in training:

The crew with our fearless isn't he tall?

I met another new friend on the trail

How do you top a great morning on the trail? A great lunch with my in-laws at a fun new Mexican restaurant in the every changing Gulch area of Nashville, Cantina Laredo. Then after lunch coffee at Crema, Nashville's best coffee shop (according to me) Yum!

Our Saturday had another big event planned, a wedding with reception at the Copper Kettle downtown. Two friends we've met through our Young Couples group tied the knot at a lovely little church off 12 South. Beth and I really enjoyed the ceremony and the food of course was amazing from the Copper Kettle. Best bonus: Yazoo Pale and Dos Perros on tap. (and ironically served in High Life glasses) I'd say this could be considered the High Life!

Bikes, food, coffee, friends and Yazoo beer... The Perfect Saturday.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Perks of the job

What's one to do after a short workday in a nice recording studio in Bellevue? Finish the drive to Montgomery Bell State Park of course to burn off some steam out in the woods riding your bike!

The rain tried to ruin the day, even sprinkling a half hour before I was gonna leave the studio. Thankfully it was just a tease and when I met Jeffy and Wendy in the parking lot it was dry and almost cool. The temperature was in the strange middle ground of humid coolness. Quite comfortable yet lots of sweat generated.

Jeffy led Wendy and I through the woods at a great pace. Conversation was light and also sporadic enough for some good mental decompression. Bikes performed flawlessly, and legs and lungs were feeling good. We rode all through the nooks and crannies of the trail, weaving backwards and forward sections. It's always fun to be led by someone who really knows a trail. You get exposed to all the gems a trail offers, most of which you wouldn't just happen upon on your own.

Jeff and I rode on by ourselves for the last few miles after Wendy took an easier pace due to not feeling that well. We rode the Back Blue trail backwards to the Green downhill entrance and then on to some great sections of the White trail. I'm slowly learning there are some great sections on White. I had swore that trail off a few years ago due to the flat, twisty nature but it's not all like that apparently.

It was such a great finish to a day. Definitely a great perk to working out in Bellevue. I'm already looking forward to more days like this. Even took the time to give the bike a good wash down when I got home. Poor thing has been neglected lately and needs some TLC. Creaks and pops have been reminding me but I've been putting it off. Seems like it's time for some bottom bracket love too but that will have to wait for another day. At least now it's clean and safely waiting for the next ride in the workshop.

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