Saturday, February 09, 2008

The power of a phone call

A well timed phone call this Thursday landed me with a great editing project. My task was to clean up the band tracks and get them ready for mixing and then clean, edit and tune the vocals for a neat band. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet any of the band members, or anyone at all actually, while working. I can say it wasn't country music and they've played Bonaroo. It was a treat listening to the music and was a fun project to work on. I'm hoping to stay in better contact with the engineer on the project and hopefully help him with more work in the near future.

I snapped a few quick shots of my work surroundings while I took some breaks. The band has been setup in a quaint house with guitars and pianos and keyboards everywhere. It was a little strange working two 10 hour days and not seeing anyone except when I met Beth for lunch. I do like it when work changes each day and this was another example of that. It's also a great example of the changes in the music business. A signed band doing all their overdubs in a house, not a studio. At least they were using an engineer and one that knows me and books me. Times are still changing and studios are probably getting hurt the most.

Thad got the bug to get some beers after getting over his bug to run to the bathroom. We met up at the tap room for some friday night beers, instead of the usual thurs. Neither of us were able to make it out Thurs so we were itching for some Yazoo. Good conversation was had and then two of my friends showed up unannounced! It was their first time at the tap room so they ordered the sampler and then picked a growler of Hop Project #5, a great choice! New studies out show that Hop Project #5 gives you strange dreams and possibly bad hangovers. It's good, but I like #4 better. Thad mentioned greasy dinner at Rotier's and it was on.... burgers and shakes, a great way to end a friday night!

A trip to Atlanta is planned for the rest of the weekend so Beth and get her jewelry setup in the Beehive CoOp. She is still working hard for Freshie & Zero and having amazing success!

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