Friday, February 29, 2008

Metro meeting, night riding and fishbowls of beer

Dan at Sportsmans
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A bunch of mtn bikers came and represented at the Metro Parks Planning meeting last night down in Edwin Warner Park. I was very impressed to see all that Metro has done in the past 5 years. There was a lot of great information shared by Metro and then they opened up the floor to questions and comments. Lots of people had great things to share and Bob Parish of Metro took notes all everyone comments that will be posted online soon.

There were about 25-30 mtn bikers present and many of then shared with concerns and desires with the group. About 15 rc aviators also came and had many concerns. Some trail runners and land owners also voiced their concerns. Overall it was a positive atmosphere and everyone got to share their thoughts. I'm glad I went and also thankful for the people who spoke out for us mtn bikers!

I rode down to the meeting from my house and met up with Dan on the way. It turned out to be closer than I expected and wasn't as cold as I thought it may be. It was a nice easy ride. After the meeting Dan and Thad and I rode back up 100 to Sportsman's Grill and had dinner and brew.... fishbowls of brew. Rode back to Hillsboro and left Dan at Belle Meade Blvd and left Thad at Hillsboro and Harding. Fun night of riding and a great parks meeting.

I'm finishing up packing for snake and figuring out the carpooling situation. Hoping to improve on my performance at the first two races. No real goal but to ride more, walk less and have a lot of fun.

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