Tuesday, February 19, 2008

moonlit country roads

Went out for a night time road ride with T.roy through some of the wonderful country roads of southwest Nashville tonight. T.roy started from his house and we planned to meet up in Belle Meade on the way to Percy Warner. I rode from my house over to Belle Meade and after going a few turns too far, backtracked and found Troy. We rolled on to Percy Warner and started into the park. The moon was out and almost full so we thought we'd try no-lights for as long as we could. We made it all the way through the park with just the moonlight. The park was empty and very calm. Thankfully the roads were clear of debris, though we still took the downhills slower with no lights. Probably not the smartest thing ever, but we made it through unscathed and it was a fun experience. I don't even remember hearing any animals in the park, it was eerily calm.

Troy lead us out of the park onto Old Hickory (I think) and then onto some great country roads over to Brentwood. We continued to keep our lights off when we were alone on the roads, and only turn them on when cars were present. These roads would be great for some spring time rides in the daylight or some mild summer night rides. It was nice tonight, though my toes were rock hard with the temperature dipping below 32.

We rode over to Granny White Pike and started back into town. My legs started to get a bit tired, but we were keeping a good pace and there weren't many bad hills. When I first left the house and rode to meet Troy, my legs felt dead and very tired from the 70 mile ride on Sat. I was worried I wouldn't have any energy to do a substantial ride. I got into the groove though once we got into Percy Warner park and felt good for most of the rest of the ride, sans frigid toes.

Troy and I went our separate ways at the corner of Lone Oak and Granny White. I rolled back into Green Hills without incident and was happy to get back in a climate controlled condo. It was a great ride and was nice to shake the funk out of the legs. Oh and I decided 100% that I don't like the Selle Italia Flite Ti .... so there. :) NEXT!

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