Thursday, February 21, 2008

crimes up, temperature is down

We were victimized by another low life, bored somebody who thought they'd like to have Beth's stereo out of her explorer. Apparently she needs to get a less attractive car with a lame stereo that no one wants. Since this exact same thing happened last July, she has an alarm installed now which went off. It seems the burglar(s) were scared off by the alarm and failed to steal anything. The only good news this morning. We called the police and they sent a cop out who was very nice and talked to us for a while. He mentioned that Green Hills was his 'area' and that he hadn't even heard mention of break-ins in Georgetown. Well, he's definitely aware now, after getting the low down from Beth while he surveyed the scene. He found some prints on the car door that he dusted and taped. Hopefully they aren't prints from Beth or I and are of the burglar, and hopefully he has priors...yada yada.

I called the Georgetown office and left a voicemail about the break-in. They are quite hands off, so we aren't expecting any response. Beth is working up a community communication avenue and some fliers to post up around the complex. She has started a blog in hopes that other residents will use it to post up about other crime, or grievances and get the lines of communication open.

Here is the new blog -- The Community Blog of Georgetown Condominiums, Nashville, TN

Criminals suck!


Mark & Sue Lawrence said...

I talked to you last night and you never mentioned the attempted stereo snatch. Bummer about the window. Hope the prints show someone else!

-d said...

time to hire security...or move. sorry guys, really am.

freshie & zero said...

power to the people! Maybe tonight we can put out flyers about the blog!

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