Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow day

It started snowing early last night and was really sticking. By 7am this morning we had 3" of accumulation outside. Some texts and emails were shared about the idea of going along with the gravel grinder plans. The consensus was it would not be a good idea to be sharing the road with people who aren't used to driving in snow so the ride was postponed until tomorrow.

I stayed inside almost all day, getting a lot of Google work done and also some internet shopping and some much needed photos taken of my new crosscheck. What else do you do when it's all snowy and gross out? You spend money. I searched for things to spend my Amazon gift card on but wasn't able to find anything worth while yet. I'm holding out for my next giftcard so I'll have more money to throw around. I love the Amazon credit card point system!

I spent some time searching around for some riding knickers as well. I really hate to spend $150 on some riding pants when a lot of them seem like regular over priced pants, that happen to be slightly tailored for riding. I found what looks like a really nice, subdued pair made by a small shop in Portland called Portland Cycle Wear. Seems they also sell wholesale wool jerseys which look interesting. Chad looks to be running a cool little shop!

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