Friday, March 14, 2008

Dan, braggin' on his Walz cap

Dan, braggin' on his Walz cap
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another fun night out with the Yazoo team.... I rode down from my house to Thad's and met him and Matt, The Manondale. We took a different route into town this time and rode in on Hillsboro Rd all the way to Green Hills then cut over to Belmont, down Music Row and into downtown and to the Tap Room.

Again, my legs felt tired from the get go. I wasn't sure I'd make it to Thad's without giving up, but I just kept pedaling. I'm starting to realize how my body likes to warm up and what hurts at first tends to just ease away as the ride progresses.

Thad and Matt were both riding their road bikes so the pace was faster than normal. It was a fun ride in and thankfully uneventful as far as ad drivers go. A few closer than comfort drivers but nothing extreme.

Everyone enjoyed a few beers at the tap room and then a group headed over to Mafiaozas on 12th for some dinner. After a detor with a flat tire we arrived at Mafiosos and sat down and ordered drinks. Pizza came and we scarffed it down while Sharpie was our explaining the teams inner workings with a couple fun young ladies. Thad went to help real him back in yet got sucked into the fun and let his pizza get cold.

Another uneventful ride back to Green Hills and I split off from Thad and Matt and headed home. Another fun thurs night comes to a close. Great riding, great people, great beer, great food and some fun pictures....not much more to ask for really.

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-d said...

did you notive the pic in the post below this one? Cornfed is NOT wearing one of the caps Jen sent hime for free.

-taddle tail.

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