Wednesday, March 12, 2008

4 locks of love

I got the singlespeed out to Lock4 today for the first time since 2007, probably since November. It was a perfect day to get out and we took full advantage of it. Clear blue skies and temps in the 70s! A group from NMB met up around 11am and we were out there riding until 4pm. On par with the usual group ride, there were many stops and fun chats. We still managed to get in 24 miles though.

I had intentions of heading over to Cumberland Transit before the ride to get a spoke fixed in my rear wheel and also to switch out my Snake gearing (32x19) and put back my normal Nashville gearing (32x17). Well, of course I didn't end up with enough time so I just taped my spoke to it's neighbor and headed out. Man, riding 32x19 at Lock4 is a task in itself, trying to keep a good pace with it is exhausting! My first lap I started out strong, probably too fast, and wasn't feeling good the entire lap. We stopped back in the parking lot for a bit between laps and I had to do some quick maintenance to Reed's new $150 29er SS (craigslist special). Sweet bike and he seems to love it. Watch out, we may have a new 29er convert (maybe ss), though I doubt he'll be selling his two Ellsworths anytime soon.

We started our second lap and I immediately felt stronger and found a groove. We rode the trail over to the official race starting line and did an official length ride of the race course including the new reroutes to help David Hardin get a mileage reading. My computer showed 8.8 miles which is close to what it was before the reroutes. Speaking of reroutes though, there are a few sections that used to be eroded downhills and have now been rerouted with better lines for drainage. A few are very small but there are at least two major reroutes and they look and ride great. There are a couple bermed turns that are fun and hopefully they will stand up to the amount of riders Lock4 sees.

After being disappointed with our lap times, we rested for a bit and got some snacks before heading back in for a 3rd lap. This time we avoided the West loops as they are still a little wet and muddy. I was starting to feel the miles in this lap and we took it easy overall until the last 2 miles where Reed decided to just push it and see what he had. I of course had to follow so we sprinted it out to the parking lot. It's hard to keep up with a 29er running 33x18 when you're running 32x19 on a 26er. I stayed close to his wheel all the way until the last 1/4 mile where it levels out and is just kinda twisty. I slowly watched him pull away as I cussed my gear choice. After the ride we headed to Wendy's for food and a Frosty and some good conversation. It felt good to get back to Lock4 and ride some dirt with some old friends.

Overall my legs have felt dead the past couple days. I did a bit of commuting yesterday on the crosscheck. Rode into Music Row to have a meeting with a mastering engineer friend of mine and then met up with Beth for dinner and beers at Jacksons in the Village. Reed and some NMBers were out on an urban ride so after dinner, I met them over at US Border Cantina for another brew. I enjoyed riding around but there was not spark in the legs, no biggie for commuting around but it was frustrating at Lock4 today.

We'll see what tomorrow holds for my riding and legs. Plans are being made for riding into the Tap Room again and for dinner somewhere afterwards. Last thurs was a blast and I'm hoping for a repeat tomorrow!

I found out my pictures from last weeks tap room excursion were forwarded on to Jen at Walz Caps. I can't say enough great stuff about their caps. Since I got mine, if I'm wearing a hat at all, it's one of my Walz caps. I've been loving wearing my grey wool one under my helmet during colder rides. I didn't know what I was missing for too long! Can't deny the great comments I get from my wife as well when I'm wearing one. She likes the corduroy the best.


cornfed said...

I hate you. And when I say hate, I mean like hate. I hate you. Dirt rider.


We had our own South Side gathering and good times, just no dirt.

Matt and I will be cruising in tonight for the Tap Room. Where are we meeting up? I'll be on the Ferrari, btw.


Chewieez said...

So when you say hate, you don't mean like, "I'm jealous of you?" You really mean Hate?


Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I will say it boys are HOT in those Walz Caps (she says with a completely obvious agenda). :) Thanks for sporting them.

jen of Walz Caps fame

Chewieez said...

You don't have to thank me! I love them!

Thank for you making such a great product! Can't wait to get me a flappy cap for the cold rides.

(Thanks for making a showing on the blog! I'm famous now!)

freshie & zero said...

You hot in a Walz hat. Meow. Too bad they're too big for my tiny head, cause I bet you would think I looked hot in them, too!

Anonymous said...

Shhh...don't tell the boys but the caps look way hotter on the girls. Total dude magnet (for the single folk).

p.s.-we can make a smaller size too! :)


deezius said...

jen's right, they do look hot on the ladies, too. i bought a couple for my ex. i have the brown houndstooth and the winter flappy. love em both.

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