Tuesday, March 18, 2008

coffee at home... nothing finer

a very full day of work today, 3 whole hours in Franklin. My drive was almost longer than I worked. I was able to squeeze in a nice lunch and a pint with Thad, Troy and their work buds though. We even spied a sweet crosscheck outside Starbucks, not locked up even.

This week is slowly shaping up for an almost solid work week. Recorded background vocals yesterday, remastering work today, assisting on a mix for a Donna Summer song thurs and possibly fitting in some editing on a Kelly Pickler project sometime this week. It's strange but it's starting to feel like I'm gainfully employed!

Gas is up again, wait I mean gas is still going up, more. I'm thinking twice about driving to mountain bike 40 miles away. Thought about meeting some NMB folks at Chickasaw this morning but didn't feel up for the hour+ drive alone. Turned out great in the end as my phone rang at 8:45AM with some work for the day. We need to work out some kind of mountain bike car poolers system to save gas and money. Who's in? I drove alone to Lock4 last week and I'm avoiding it again at all costs. drive to ride.... like driving to the Y?

Anyhow, I'm back at home now, should start on some Google work and enjoy my cup of brewed goodness.

Props go out to the daily bike commuters out there! Inspiring!


cornfed said...

Just ride to Columbia like I do. It's the main reason I ride there the most, as it's convenient and safer to ride too than Hammy for us Southwest-siders.

I need to start mixing it up and riding out to MonkeyBell some too, it's the same distance as Chickasaw from the farm, only with sketchy-assed roads.

Chewieez said...

excuse alert:

yea, I know and I plan to ride to some trails. I need a couple things though, a different gear on the SS for road riding, or ride the trails on my crosscheck more. Both are feasable, but in the end I'm not sure I'll get my "mtn bike fix" in this manner.

Also, you are 16 miles closer to Chickasaw than me. :)

Though I'm 16 miles closer to Hammy than you, and no better route.

We should get a ride to MB put together. Pit stop to pick up Mike and Grant on the way.

cornfed said...

white's double double is a cool concept for the SS road to trail rides.

Maybe even the Mr. Whirly

Chewieez said...

yea I've already been considering selling my 17t WI and getting the 17/19 freewheel.

I need to look into a double up front, could be cool.

I'd def need to do my homework on good gear combos.

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