Monday, March 24, 2008

another full work week

Last week has come and gone, clearly. It was filled with many things, but unfortunately not many that were cycling related. That's ok though, I've been overly fortunate with the amount of time I've been able to devote to riding and cycling related activities. It's time to do some work. Having to miss things due to work or any reason really just makes doing those things again that much more enjoyable.

I was able to sneak out for a long trip down to Fayetteville on Saturday to pre-ride the DSG course with Thad and gRant (who needs a blog). This was my inaugural ride and I almost bailed out due to work. I manned up and made arrangements for the work to be done later; meaning I told myself I'd rather ride and would stay up late working because of it. No regrets after a couple miles of trail. This trail is sweet and includes a bit of everything you could want, rolling trail through pastures, tight twisty single track, deathly steep fireroad climbs and a lot of rocky, rooty terrain. All four of us (including Clay) were on singlespeeds, with Thad and I being the idiots and not changing out gearing for the trail. Thad (34x18), Greg (32x17), gRant (32x20, 29er), Clay (32x22). hmmm we were in for some suffering.

We rode a full lap starting in the field and down by the road. This was good for a short warm up before the nasty climbs came. First fireroad climb and I quit immediately and walked thinking, "crap, this is gonna be a long day" After some flowing single track, gRant warned of the next steep fireroad so I was able to attack it at the beginning better and made this climb. My legs actually felt great and very strong through this first lap, but I was having trouble recovering at the tops of climbs. I just couldn't get my lungs and heart rate in check. I was happy with my gear choice for 80% of the course, only really suffering on the fireroad climbs and a couple switchbacks. I could of ran 32x18 and maybe kept my efforts more consistent, may try that next time.

We rode at a nice pace stopping a lot to chat and rest and also taking the time to try some sections again. There was a slightly uphill technical section with a sharp right turn that we sessioned a few times. It was a game of attack and careful line choice. Don't go too slow or you'll never make it past the rocks, but try to miss the big rocks and steer wide through the turn to keep speed for the next rocky section. When we finished the lap we stopped by the cars for me to change a flat and then headed straight up the 'poop shoot' to Clay's house for brews and pizza. We spent an hour just chatting and living the good life on the 'big hill', sitting out on the patio in the sun soaking up spring time. Our next plan was just to bomb back down the trail we'd just suffered up and head on home.

We ended up meeting up with a couple more riders when we got back to the car. Scott M from NMB and Kevin were finishing a lap and convinced us to get in some more mileage. We'd talked with Clay about riding backwards so we headed back into the trail with the plan to avoid the climbs and hit the fun middle flowy sections backwards. At this point I was just spent and my body was confused. It rested just long enough and was told we were done riding so it just turned off. Too much pizza and my energy level was nil. I sat on the back of the group and pedaling around, trying not to get too far behind. A few sections I really enjoyed, but overall I was frustrated with myself and couldn't keep any flow going.

When we got back to the cars again Clay and his family were suiting up the horses (and donkey) for a ride so we hung with them and chatted until they were ready to ride. Long drive back with some stubborn drivers in the fast lane and next thing I knew we're back at the farm. Temps dropped 10 degrees from when we left so I quickly moved my stuff from Grant's truck to mine and headed home. Great day in the saddle and I'm feeling it in the legs now. I felt great after the ride, but it was delayed pain.

I'm glad yesterday was Easter cus I used that as an excuse to rest all day and not move around much. I finished up some work in the morning and headed to the in-laws for lunch. Got to bed early and now I'm ready for a new week. This week is more filled than last week, but it's great! I have some editing to do on a Kelly Pickler project today to get it ready to mix then I am going to working down at the Bennett House in Franklin the rest of the week. I'm not sure what that will entail but I have hopes of commuting by bike at least one day. I'm thinking that Thurs will be the best bet so I can meet up with Thad and ride into the tap room after work. We'll see what unfolds when I start the work on tuesday.

Enjoy the beginning of spring and I hope you all get to ride ride ride!

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