Monday, March 10, 2008

grinding some gravel

Had a great ride yesterday out in Fly country. Some of the same victims were present (Thad, Mike, Adam, Jeff, me) and some new ones were convinced to come out (Troy, Dustin G, Joe S). We decided to carpool closer to the gravel this go around and park on the Trace. We still road a fair share of pavement over the course of the ride, but it was wonderful getting to the gravel sooner. There were few tough gravel climbs that were easier for me this time, as they were earlier in the ride.

There was a good mix of knowing where we were and were going and having no idea and just riding til we could figure it out. We stopped again at the Fly General Store for a restock of fuel and for me, a ham sandwich. Oh my eye was on turkey but some selfish leader took it all for himself. Joe S. was having a heck of a time with the spoke tension on his rear wheel so after tightening them twice, he decided to call it a day. Jeff road with him back to the cars and we pushed up for try for a nother 20-30 miles. Troy had left us a few miles before the store. It was fun riding with him again as it had been since our Percy Warner/Brentwood ride since I'd seen him.

We ended up with just under 58 miles for the day. Very respectable and 18 miles more than I thought I'd be in for at the beginning. I had intentions of bailing after 40 but I was feeling pretty good, considering, and wanted more. Again, Thad was a our fjerless leader and didn't disappoint. He even found a way to get in 4 creek crossings in the last 10 miles to soak our tired feet in. Thankfully these were close to our cars as the water was frigid yesterday and the creeks were deep.

On a saddle front this was my second long-ish ride on the new Selle Anatomica saddle. I gotta say it is feeling really good overall. I was moving around a bit on it after 30 miles or so as my sit bones were getting a little sore. Overall though I had no numbness and I think the leather is breaking in so it should continue to get more comfortable.

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