Friday, April 25, 2008

A Thurs afternoon, best spent at the tap room

Yesterday was another great day filled with riding. I had lunch plans with a few old co-workers from the studio. We met up on Music Row so I decided to ride in the 5 miles instead of drive. I through on the flat pedals so I could ride in street shoes and rolled out. I haven't ridden on flat pedals in forever. I've used them on a couple urban rides with my Ventana, but I'm generally useless with them. I've definitely been spoiled with clipless and have little skills with flat pedals. But on the crosscheck I was actually enjoying the carefree feeing of not being clipped in. Sure, I immediately noticed my saddle was now too high, since my pedals and shows were thinner... but I didn't care and didn't feel like stopping to make any adjustments. I wasn't in a race so I didn't care about how fast I was going or how efficient my pedaling was.

After lunch I hung out with a friend in the studio for an hour or so then hit the road. I went over to Cumberland Transit to see Dan for a bit before he left for T.I.4. He was restless to get out of town, which is understandable since J5 and T.roy had already left, and they were carrying his gear since he had to work late and catch a flight. After chatting for about 30 minutes I was thinking of heading on my way, possible to ride through Centennial and just enjoy the weather, with out idea of where to go. Marv, at Cumberland, mentioned: "You should go to the brewery." the earth stopped turning for a second and this nugget hit me. I should go to the brewery.... that was a GREAT idea. Well, I called Beth and she was in for meeting me there and then I spent the next 10 minutes trying to convince Dan that he too, needed a beer before he headed for the little 345 mile spin. He finally got fed up with me and shooed me on my way and declined the offer.

As I was riding to the tap room, I thought of people I could call to meet up for a beer. Right as I think to call Manondale, it all sinks in. duh, it's Thurs. It's team night at Yazoo. I'm just an hour early than normal. Sweet! Unfortunately Manondale is opting to come friday night, so I roll in and snag the last seat at the bar and order up an ESB. Texts go out to the team and start coming back full of declines. Everyone mentions Sharpie's coming... sweet. I talk to Thad for a bit and get an update on their trek to Iowa. Turns out I rode past them on my way into town for lunch, small world.

Beth showed up around 6 and Sharp, Dunsy and Dan D showed up shortly after. As usual, we all drink and be merry for a few hours and decide to hit 12 South Tap Room or Mafiosos for dinner and more brew. Back on the bike we go and head over. Both places were totally bumping but it looks like Mafiosos has more available seating so the decision is made. Pizza, spicy pasta and brews abound as everyone enjoys a night off.

I still wanted to ride home even though Beth had the car there so she headed back and I left with the boys, at least to Belmont Blvd, then we parted. It was a nice ride back to Green Hills. Weather was still mild and the roads were empty.

Good day......

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freshie (and zero) said...

the minute i agreed to go to the tap room was the minute i knew i wouldn't get anything done for freshie & zero that night. oh well - it was worth it!

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