Friday, April 04, 2008

dreary end to the week

This is what i've been staring at from 8:30-5:30 every day this week.

I've been working on a couple mastering and remastering projects down in downtown Franklin at the Bennett House. I started the week working on a 12 CD Black Gospel project then did a quick 2 CD 'Music of Israel' collection. I've definitely been getting my religion this week!!

Unfortunately yesterday was so rainy and gross, riding to the tap room was cancelled. I rode with Thad into town to check out the Green Business Summit at Lipscomb University and visit the Walk/Bike Nashville booth. We headed over to the Yazoo tap room after the summit for a few pints then enjoyed dinner and laughs at Pizza Perfect.

Tomorrow is going to be a big errand day and then I'm helping Beth sell her jewelry at an art show in downtown benefiting The Tomorrow Fund. Should be a good show as it went well last year.

I'm planning on participating in the Bike Scavenger Hunt on Sunday afternoon. I hope there is a big turn out. This sounds like a really fun event and a great way to explore Nashville by bike.

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