Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's tuesday night, 10pm and it's 67 degrees out. Niiiceee.... The high today was around 80, it was glorious!

After working for Freshie and Zero for a few hours, painting a new display, I just had to get on the bike. I'd 'wasted' yesterday's great weather and I didn't intend to let it happen again. Around 3pm I got my gear together and got in touch with a few riding buds to head out to Percy Warner for a loop. Turns out my friend Scarf was available and needed to leave immediately, which was right when I was wanting to go so we met up on Belle Meade Blvd and rolled down into the park. It was a great day to be outside doing anything. A bit hot if you were just standing around, but the wind from riding made it perfect.

I only had plans to ride one loop since I had to be back by 5pm so we kept a good but moderate pace and chatted it up. Scarf mentioned an exit to Chickering Rd that I'd never taken. He said there was a fun section where you could average 30mph for a mile or so. So we head that direction and get onto Chickering and of course, a big headwind was waiting for us. No matter, it was still fun to ride some new roads. We snaked back towards Harding Rd on my side, towards Green Hills. We parted and I rode back to the house right on schedule.

This is what riding is all about to me. Feeling the urge to pedal, leaving your house by bike, exploring and returning by bike. I thought about riding some trail today. I have the desire, I should since I haven't ridden since the Chickasaw Race, but truthfully I just had no desire to drive to a trail. I had an invite to hit Lock4 and Hamilton Creek but I couldn't justify the trip. I'm very glad that I have the Crosscheck now as it's allowed me to get my riding fix right out my front door. Not that I couldn't do it before on my mtb bikes, but it's more enjoyable for me on the Crosscheck. Enjoyable means I do it more, which I like.

I'm trying to take advantage of this great weather while it lasts. The forecast is for some crappy weather starting thursday. I hope it holds out for a tap room ride and I hope it isn't terrible for the folks going to Trans Iowa 4.

This past Sunday, I had to get some time in the saddle after being at the beach for a week. J5 and I met up at Percy Warner for a couple laps and man it felt great! I felt good through the hills and we had some great conversations. We hit up Brueggers for lunch, yum and then rolled back to our respective casas. I managed to take a spill in the park before I met up with J5. Second spill on the crosscheck, now I'm all geeked out and apprehensive. Nothing serious, just some minor road rash and some scuffs on the brake levers. The showroom shine is definitely off the crosscheck now which is good. I'm still getting used to the feel of a more 'road' bike, with drop bars and all. I'm not great at fast decents on the hoods, though I don't even know if this is what you're supposed to do. I'm more confident down in the drops, maybe this is normal. Nothing is normal to me yet on the new bike. I will say I love the saddle. It's primo on the rear end!!

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cornfed said...

Glad you were able to get out yesterday, hooking up with another wheel always makes a ride more enjoyable.

I squeezed in my commute but had to get home in time to prep the car for the 12 hour drive and de-fur it for t.roy. Sorry to miss out on the park.

Hopefully you'll get to the point like my commute where when faced with a drive in you look at the bike first and the car as a "hassle".

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