Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bike storage in a parking garage, off of Market Square in Knoxville TN

Beth and I had to stop in Knoxville on our way back from the beach today to pick up her craft tent. We had been storing it at Bliss in Market Square while we were away. There was another show going on this weekend so parking was crazy. We managed to find (make) a spot in a parking garage right off of Market Square. Right behind our car, Beth spotted these "Bike Storage" lockers. How cool is that??!!?? Way to go Knoxville!! They look well built and it's a great idea! Everytime we go to Market Square I see a ton of people riding around on bikes, and there are always bikes locked up in front of restaurants and in the middle of the square. I gotta say, I'm totally jealous!

On a random note... in case anyone was wondering... Yazoo brew tastes great on the beach!!

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