Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bike riding? I think I remember that.

It's been a long time since I've sat on a bike... since the scavenger hunt last sunday to be exact. I had three full days of work down in Franklin last week and then Beth and I headed to Knoxville to start the 2008 craft show season. Sadly I was not able to bring a bike along with me on our trip. I thought hard about trying to cram one in to the Explorer but decided it wasn't worth it, since we were heading directly to the beach for a week after the craft show, I wasn't crazy about taking a nice, new steel bike to the beach to corrode. (I can hear it at home thanking me from letting it rust away at the beach)

So the craft show was great. We met our sales goal and had a fun trip filled with an 80 degree day, a 65 degree day and then a 40 degree day. We went from short sleeves and heavy suntan lotion to fleece and wool hats. We had a chance to go out on the town Thurs night in Knoxville and enjoying some great dinner at The Tomato Head and beers at Preservation Pub and Woodruff's (Downtown Grill & ) Brewery. It had been a long time since Beth and I had gone out and drank, just the two of us, so we really enjoyed ourselves!

We are at the beach now for the rest of the week. The weather is cold and windy but should warm as the week continues and we're looking forward to relaxing and kickin' back. The cooler is full of beer, we even brought a couple 6ers of Yazoo to share, and the fridge is full of food... we should be in for a fun week!

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