Wednesday, April 02, 2008

karma or irony?

Took the plunge and rode into work today. I sucked it up and rode Hillsboro Rd down to downtown Franklin. The temperature was right on the line between wool jersey/arm warmers and a wind breaker. I left the house with the jacket in my bag and quickly stopped and put it on. Well, that lasted until I got to Old Hickory and I was burning up so off it went. Now it was perfect, cool breeze and the sun was coming out. The amateur commuter in me packed way too much stuff so my bag was pretty heavy but I didn't notice it unless I stood and pedaled.

I was riding through the Grassland school district and started hearing a 'tick, tick, tick' in rhythm. hmmm chain rub? flat tire? I stopped pedaling and I could still hear it. hmmm flat tire I bet. I quickly glanced at both tires and didn't see anything as they were rolling. I got about 20 more yards before my tire was almost completely flat. I was at Old Hillsboro Rd so I turned right and made my way over into the nice grassy mounds by the road. Yep... enormous nail in the tire! That's what I get for riding in the shoulder I guess, should of 'owned the lane' more. Well, I would of if more cars and trucks cared or knew about the 3 foot law. Even a school bus passed me too close for comfort.

Since I packed everything and the kitchen sink, I had all I needed to change tubes and get back on the road. I was really glad I had my Co2 with me as one catridge got me right back up to pressure and saved me the agony of my tiny Crank Bros pump. Unfortunately I only have one tube with me today so my commute home will be in jeopardy. Hope my flat tire karma is filled now.

The rest of the ride in was very pleasant. The road widens after Grassland and traffic lessened. It was a joy riding through Fieldstone Farms with the 4 lane road with a full size lane on the sides. I'd say Davidson County could learn a thing or two from this area of Williamson County.

I got to try out my new riding knickers today as well. They rocked! I bought them a few weeks ago from Portland Cycle Wear. They are my first pair of knickers and I love them so far. They are made from a really stretchy fabric which moves very well while pedaling. They have a ton of pockets, and cinch-able leg openings with reflective straps. They have a small chamois built in which I'm not sure I'll keep or not. It's not the worst chamois ever, but it minimalistic, and I wouldn't mind the option to wear whatever cycling short I want. I'm happy with them overall and it was great to have the longer length this morning with the 40-45 degree temps.


freshie (and zero) said...

Those pants are cute, too.

Your commute home must have been in much warmer weather because you were Smelly!!! (with a capital S) I'm glad you don't commute every day or our tiny apartment would really reek!

-d said...

nice commute, flat tire and all! Fun fun fun!

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