Monday, February 02, 2009

Single Beer Ban : support Yazoo!!

There is a bill up for public opinion TOMORROW (2/3/09) that will prohibit the sale of single beers, in containers up to 70 ounces, in downtown Nashville.

This will prohibit the sale of growlers at the Yazoo Brewery.

Please contact your council member and let them know that you would like there to be an excemption to the bill for craft beers such as Yazoo.
Here is a link to find your council member:

Do your part!

This is what Linus, the owner of Yazoo had to say about the bill.

(quote from the Yazoo Blog)

ALERT! EMERGENCY! please contact your council member on
the single beer bill!

To all you Yazooligans!

Please contact your local concilmember and ask them to not ban your favorite way of enjoying our beer! There is a bill up for public comment tomorrow at 6 PM. The bill would prohibit the sale of single beers, in containers up to 70 oz, in downtown Nashville. I had asked the councilwoman who introduced the bill to exempt craft beers from this bill, since many of them are only sold in single bottles, and since it would prohibit us from selling growlers at the brewery.

But I saw tonight that she is planning on dropping the exemption for craft beers at the council meeting tomorrow. Please, if you value being able to get brewery fresh beer straight from our taps in your growlers, contact your council member and ask them to keep the language that exempts craft beers from the single sale ban.

You can find your council member at The bill's sponsors are Mike Jameson and Erica Gilmore. The meeting is tomorrow! We need your support in keeping growler sales from being outlawed in downtown Nashville!

EDIT: 2/3/08

According to Linus, Yazoo will be exempt from this bill, should it pass beca
use of their type of permit.

I still think this bill isn't productive, but that is my personal opinion and not that of Yazoo.

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