Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week in review

This has been a very full week of work and play. I have started mixing another album for Grand Vista and also worked a couple of days at Blackbird studios. I'm still having a bit of trouble staying focused and getting back into the full swing of work after such a great, long holiday break but I was very productive this week. I'm really enjoying mixing for Grand Vista and can tell it is really helping me hone my mixing skills.

I haven't been doing much riding lately so I've been antsy to get back out on a bike. We lucked into a couple days of awesome weather this past week. Thursday was sunny and 50 degrees so I rode my new Quiring into the studio. This was my first commute by bike from my new house so it felt like kind of a mini adventure. Another ride of exploration of different routes through the mid-town area. This was also an experiment of sorts to see how I liked riding the Quiring on the road and to see how 32x17 felt. As suspected, the gearing was still a little too easy for true road riding but it wasn't that bad. It was fun to ride a new bike around town and a titanium one at that. Being that it was Thurs, I also chose the Quiring to ride to to the tap room after work to show it to a few of the team guys who hadn't seen it fully built.

The tap room was a lot of fun as usual. We had a big turn out with Beth even making an appearance and bringing an old co-worker along. Dan brought the new team issue walz caps (look for a post about that soon) along with a few select 'mistake' caps for some special people. After closing down the tap room (at the early hour of 8pm) we headed on to the loft of a new-to-us friend named Emily. Ok so her place is just cool. Old brick building with a huge open room divided into 3 bedrooms and a large common room with a rope swing hanging from an i-beam and some killer tunes being spun off vinyl.

Friday came and went with out much excitement. More mixing and lunch with an old friend setup the weekend. I wanted to ride dirt saturday but no plans developed and I just chilled at home most of the day, enjoying the new couch perch. I had a 'guys night' party to go to saturday night so I rode the crosscheck over to Sylvan park for that. Had a lot of fun watching guy movies, drinking beer and whiskey and making a huge bonfire. The ride there and back was a lot of fun. It was cold, near 25 degrees, but still enjoyable, and short enough to not get too chilled.

Sunday a big group met up at Montgomery Bell to ride the frozen tundra. Our 70 degree days were gone and it was back to highs in the low 30s. 9 singlespeeders and three geared riders braved the cold, including 3rd place SouthernX SS racer Mr Thad Hoffman and recent stranger to cycling, 8Ball. Nothing all that exciting to report. Just lots of smiles and laughs. No major mechanical problems and only one flat tire to contend with amongst 12 riders. It snowed on us some and we got in about 15 miles before calling it and heading to get Mexican food. Montgomery Bell continues to amaze in it's resilience to the elements. The trail is in great shape and is only suffering a little from the freeze/thaw on the most commonly traveled stretch. They've left the leaves on the trail which has really helped the water evaporate quicker and kept the trail ridable longer into the winter season. Bravo to all the trailbuilders and maintainers on Montgomery Bell! Your next beer's on me!

sweet new custom team issue Walz Cap

This week I'll be mixing at Grand Vista monday through friday. I'm looking forward to commuting in a few days and also getting out on some lunch time rides with some new riding partners. I hope the weather cooperates and we see a little bit more spring-like temperatures.

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