Wednesday, January 21, 2009


These are things that have crossed my mind as I sit here at work, watching someone else mix.

• I need to get paid for work I've done. It would be great to have a free collection service to call upon. Why are the clients with the most noble aspirations the ones that are the hardest to get paid from?
• I'm getting fat. The eggnog and bags of M&Ms are catching up to me.
• Weather looks good for tomorrow, I want to ride into work and take the new bike.
• I wonder what 32x17 feels like on the road on a 29er with big monster truck tires.
• Is Blackbird the only studio still busy?
• Wonder how much of the new political atmosphere is talk and how much will be action
• Nashville really needs to adopt some plan like this one for bike commuters. Who wouldn't want to be paid to ride their bike to work?
• I'm kind of famous now and have my mug on the Walz Cap website.
• I can't wait to get my new Walz cap, wonder how the cotton ones fit compared to the wool.

• It's almost lunch time, time for some pb&j at home. I love living close to work.

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