Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ti One On at the Yazoo Tap Room with the DSG Crowd

Ti One On happy hour at the Yazoo Tap Room on Thursday February 26 from 6-8. Come hang out with your old friends, meet a few new ones and enjoy a cold Yazoo - The first one is on DSG! This will be your chance to make your donations to SORBA/IMBA and get a crack at taking home a real Ti beauty. You can also register for DSG if you already haven't. We'll have random drawings for cool schwag and darn tootin' good time.

I know I'll be there and will be arriving on some titanium of my own. This is your chance to come and experience the Yazoo Tap Room for yourself and see what all the fuss, mystery and shenanigans are all about that you've been hearing about.

No excuses Reed...Dad's can come too.

Anyone else interested in riding down to also help show Nashville that cyclists like to use our roads too can contact me and meet at my house. Don't worry, I'm only 5 miles from Yazoo.

Don't miss a chance to hang with Clay, heckle Thad and throw back a Project 10 with Jeffy!!

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