Sunday, September 21, 2008

showering lasers and left handed golf clubs

Last night was a co-ed couples shower (is that redundant?) for J5 and his lovely fiancée. Planned activities included some outdoor laser tag at the Drakes Creek Activity Center with some tasty refreshments, yummy pizza and peppers and then some miniature golf.

Thankfully Thad passed along the website for the laser tag place so I could find out that it was actually outdoor and Beth and I could plan our attire. I hadn't played laser tag since I was about 12 when my brother and I had it. We braved the gas-less abyss and drove up to Hendersonville to shoot our friends with infrared beams of light.

After picking our weapons and learning some basics we headed out to the 5 acre field and quickly got started shooting each other and learning how to die. We played a bunch of different type of games all involving running, ducking, hiding, crouching, shooting, getting hit, and friendly fire. The course was awesome, with lots of wooded area with little sneaky lines built into the brush. Though it was still hard to stay totally covered from everyone at all times. It seemed there was always someone on the other team in a spot to shoot you, no matter where you tried to hide.

After finally wearing ourselves out and many of us being completely soaked in sweat (or was it just me) we were treated to yummy pizza's and beer provided by Jeanie and her larger than life husband, 8Ball. We headed in to get our putt putt gear next and hit the course right away. I started things off strong with an immediate hole in one, only to be later shown up by a hole in one by a 2 year old. Putt Putt was a blast as usual even though we did have to split the group up. Thankfully the rain stayed away until most had finished their game and we congregated back at the picnic tables for cake and lots of "Hey, remember when I shot you that one time when you were behind that hay bale? Man that was awesome!"

We managed to make it back to Green Hills without running out of gas, or meeting any dusty characters from Mad Max trying to siphon our gas as a red light. But every gas station we passed on the 25 mile drive home was out of gas.

On to some pics:
Hilary learning the scope:

Thad and Mike after some sweaty gaming... Thad sporting the tired bluesteel look, Mike looking like he's cleaning his teeth with his beer.

Me, about to scarf some pizza.... SSUSA represent!

Oh how I love you pepperoncini.... you complete my pizza experience!

Thad and Hillary received new bridal themed Walz Caps....(the backs say Bride and Groom)

Melanie shows Troy how it's done

Thad waits patiently to interfere with Hilary's shot

You can view all the rest of my photos here: Thad and Hilary's Couples Shower


freshie (and zero) said...

Actually, Cade is only a year and a half. I think they should start giving him golf lessons now!

Orderly Conduct said...

OH my gosh,i love it!

remind me to do something this awesome if i ever enter wedded bliss...


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