Monday, September 22, 2008

I got gas, and got on the news

Hey look, now when you get gas, you have the chance of making the evening news. Who knew getting gas was so news worthy! :)

Check the link and watch the video til the end, or skip to the end:

After getting lunch and doing some new home accessory shopping in Berry Hill, Beth and I drove past about 10 stations without gas before getting in line on Overhill Rd to get gas at the Exxon in Green Hills. Thankfully we only had to wait about 15 minutes, as I was down to about my last gallon of gas. I hoped it would get better by this afternoon but it appears that this week is going to be a repeat of last week.

I'm planning on commuting by bike as much as I can this week. We started this morning with Mike N (Avg8ball) and Thad (Johnny5) and JScarf at Bongo Java for "Biker Breakfast" before heading down to Cool Springs by bike via Franklin Road. Mike and I both had the day off of work so we continued the ride over to Harpeth Bikes and then on through some lovely country roads to Percy Warner park. We're plannin another "Biker Breakfast" at Bongo tomorrow with a commute to Cool Springs/Franklin again by bike. This time though I'll be heading into work at the Bennett House to finish up a mastering project I started last week.

Good luck with the gas hunt out there guys! Limit your trips unless you like $3.99 gas and waiting in line to get it!

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Mark & Sue Lawrence said...

watched your news interview, good plug for biking!

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