Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pile o bikes at Yazoo

Big turnout last night at the Yazoo Tap Room. Fall is coming fast and everyone was itching to be outside and on their bikes. We had a nice pile of 9 or 10 bikes in the small quaint tap room. Thankfully Yazoo likes us cyclists and doesn't worry too much about tripping hazards.

I got off work too late to meet up with Beth and her family for dinner but just in time to quickly get on the bike nd head to the tap room. I saw Dunn riding onto Belmont Blvd and we rode in the rest of the way. This is one thing I really like about riding my bike around town. It never fails that you see someone you know on almost ever ride and get to catch up and ride together.

After a few yummy pints and some great conversation we took the party over to the "East Siadeeea" to 3Crow bar. The TN rep for New Belgium Brewery had met Dan at East Side Cycles and invited him to 3Crow so we all tagged along. Turns out John, from New Belgium is quite a nice guy and even bought us all a round of Fat Tire! He enjoyed learning about our bike crew and our weekly pub crawl/rides. John and I ended up talking about all kinds of stuff from where to buy a house in Nashville to when Sunshine Wheat will hit stores here. I hope to see and hang with John again soon and repay him for the beer....real stand up guy.

After scarfing down my wraparita-del-steak-o (seriously), I called it a night and rode home solo. I'm always curious if I truly ride home faster from these gatherings due to riding solo and being a little inebriated, or if I just feel like I'm going faster and trying harder, due to the same reasons. Either way, it was again a great night to be out on the bike, enjoying great beers and friends and meeting new people.

We just found out some exciting news on our house buying adventure. Hopefully more details to come very soon, and hopefully no more negative details to come.

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