Monday, September 08, 2008

quick update

I'm just back and cleaned up from a nice ride out at Montgomery Bell State Park this morning. We had a good group show up and had a fun, leisurely ride. I decided to try a new gearing on the SS for Monty bell and it worked great. I've always ridden 32x17 out there but wanted to try 32x18 again since I haven't been riding much lately. It was a welcome change that made the whole ride more manageable and enjoyable. No pics as we were all riding sans technology today.

I'm about to lay down for a bit before Beth and I head to small group so a photo dump will conclude this post. (Why not, everyone else is doing it)

Can you see the joy?

Me, on the phone, shopping mortgage lenders.... need I say more?

Our booth setup this past weekend at the Germantown Festival outside Memphis.

Beth's yummy dinner of salmon and shrimp ravioli at Ya Ya's in Germantown

The "Best Dressed Weenie" competiton at the Germantown Festival

Heat #2 of the Weenie races at the Germantown Festival

A little friend that visited us at the Grant Park Festival in Atlanta the other week.

Beth found this bright little grasshopper on a car in Green Hills and couldn't help but snap a shot. Her new camera takes great pictures.

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freshie (and zero) said...

That grasshopper was amazing and didn't jump while I got close to snap a shot.

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