Saturday, September 20, 2008

out of gas a good thing?

Ok, so Green Hills is just about out of gas. 1 out of 4 gas stations currently has gas, with a line down the road to get in. Nashville wide appears to be out of gas. Are we really out of gas? I think not. Are their tons of scared, worried drivers with full tanks and 50 gallons of extra gas in their garages all around Nashville... I suspect yes. It is a glimpse into the bizarre mind of the public.

Other cities in TN are having no trouble keeping gas in the gas stations. I imagine even areas hit by the past two hurricanes probably have gas at this point. Why are Nashvillians feeling the incredible need to get as much as gas as they can right now. The price isn't even good.... YOU'RE WASTING YOUR MONEY! hehe

On a bright note, Beth and I walked down to our favorite local sushi place for lunch today, Ginza. We have made this walk many a times in the past year, to Star Bucks, to Whole Foods, to Pei Wei etc. What was different about today's walk? We saw at least 10 other groups of people out walking. We generally never see anyone walking while we are out. Yep, people were out today. Yeaa.... maybe the fake gas shortage scare has truly made people think twice about driving somewhere. If you work in Green Hills, why are you driving anywhere in Green Hills to do anything. The area isn't that big.

It was a very nice walk and it was fun to greet people who were also out walking. We even happened upon a little booth setup selling freshly made kettle corn. Turns out this guy sets up just about every saturday in Green Hills. I've probably driven by him countless times and never noticed. Today we noticed... a perk of walking and taking things slower.


Troy said...

The "gas shortage" does suck for the rest of us, though, who haven't changed driving habits in the past week or two (and who were already trying to conserve and limit trips). So now, as a matter of normal usage, driving to work, to my daughter's soccer game, etc. I am getting close to a normal re-fill and I wonder if I will be able to find gas when I need it. Or if I will have to pay $5/gallon for it... which I will likely refuse to do if I can get away with it... (I don't intend to steal my gas, only possibly try to work from home or whatnot for a few days).

Chewieez said...

This is true... it does suck for all.

I skipped a trip out of town yesterday to help build and ride a pump track based on the cost of fuel and possibility of not being able to find fuel. I also knew I had plans tonight that I was more interested in attending so I skipped one trip to make another.

Here's to the hope that the people in Hendersonville are more rational than Nashville, and that there's gas available up there, for under $4.

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