Friday, July 04, 2008

trying to catch up

I'm sitting in the Nashville airport with an hour to kill. I feel like this is the first real free hour I've had in a while. Life has been busy lately and I've had no time to update the blog. (sorry Thad).

Beth and I just got back from a trip to Chicago for what turned out to be a lame craft show. We were in Nashville for 3 days and now we are heading to Philly to celebrate the holiday and visit a good friend of Beth's.

I've been selling bike parts left and right lately. I just sold my Ventana frame on ebay and only have a few parts left. It's been a cleansing event. I officially sent an email to order a custom titanium hardtail. Hope to get the ball rolling there next week. Gonna hit Harpeth Bikes for a Serotta Fit to help me with what size bike to order and hopefully iron out my fit on my crosscheck more.

I got to ride some dirt these past couple weeks since work has been slow. I made it out to Hammy for the race which was fun, frustrating and painful. It was great to participate in the inaugural race at one of my favorite trails. Didn't ride that well but ended up with 5th place out of 6 riders. It was wet in the morning so the trail was slow and treacherous, which slowed me down but didn't seem to slow down the fast guys. 1st place SS rider had a faster time than almost all the sport classes.

I rode Hammy again last week and really enjoyed it. The ride ended with a flat truck tire though so it turned into quite the expensive ride. Hit up Lock4 this week with a big group. The trail was in great shape and the weather was perfect. I rode a solo lap then met the group and saddled up on MeanJoe's Karate Monkey for a lap with the big wheels. I rode a 3rd lap back on my Soma, then called it a day and sped home for some yummy sushi dinner with Beth. The big wheels were fun again. Loads of traction and it was interesting to compare the ride and geometry differences between the Monocog Flite and the Karate Monkey.

I'm about to board our plane so this is all.... (check out my recent trips on Flickr --->)

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cornfed said...

Oh, like you're not scared of that bull huh? Don't think I don't know what you think I don't know that I know cuz I know.

Bovine are no longer afeared!!!

I'm on to working the yoda hand on caiman and a rather pissed off mongoose.

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