Sunday, July 13, 2008

just the essentials

just the essentials
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I made it until about 4pm until I had the coffee cravings bad. I was out of half and half and kinda wanted Starbucks (*$ to Thad) so I headed out of the house on my first voyage of the day. I decided I'd skip paying for coffee as I have some great Intelligentsia coffee at home that we bought in Chicago. While at Whole Foods I thought I would get another 22 of New Belgium and what do I find... they have a new one! Mothership Wit

So this is what my bootie looked like in the checkout line.... bananas, half and half and beer.... yep, I'm bachelorin' it for the week.

I got a late invite to gRant's and Jen's baby shower right when I returned from Whole Foods so I got back in the car and headed to his new house. He bought a house in a great neighborhood and there were kids playing everywhere and lots of people I didn't know. Once I figured out I was actually at Grant's sister-in-law's house things started making more sense. We were treated to a tour of Grant's new house with all his new additions and renovations. (The dude is a pro!) We also had some amazing pork loin sandwhiches and more salads than you've ever seen on one plate.... pasta, potato, and everything in between.

Lots of people came out to celebrate the coming baby. It was great to catch up with some folks I hadn't talked to in months like the Holstein's and McConnell's and Nagoshiners.

On the way home I swung back by Whole Foods for some more beer. I decided to do the "make your own six pack" deal for the first time. After careful consideration and contemplation and made my choices and headed home to crack one open.

I'm meeting Thad in the morning for breakfast and coffee at Bongo. Hopefully some more people join us but we're thinking of making this a regular thing. I think it would be really cool to have a bi weekly or monthly breakfast gathering where we all cycle in and chat.

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