Friday, July 18, 2008

Big night at the tap room

Last night was a completely different tap room experience compared to last Thurs. Just about everyone made it out, save for Neumy who's out in CO about to race. Even Fred made it out and rode in on his new bling Serotta Timax 650b. One of the newer members of the team, Jeff Scott, made it out for his first visit to the Yazoo brewery and left with a smile and a growler of porter. It was Sharpie's bday as well as Brandy's bday who works at the tap room. A generous woman made some scrumptious rum cake and shared it will all the late stayers at the bar.

After closing out Yazoo, we all headed to Las Palmas by bike and/or by car. This sounded like a great idea at the time, during my ride back home afterwards I was cursing myself for eating so much. We stuffed our faces with chips and salsa and couldn't wait for the substantial food to arrive. The ride home was rough on a full stomach of taco-notso-salad and chips. It kept my speed in check which was probably good. When I ride alone, even around town, I tend to just ride all out all the time and always show up everywhere super sweaty. Maybe one day I'll learn pacing.

Since this week has been another slow work week I was able to head to Lock4 for a ride Tuesday afternoon. The trail was in amazing shape considering the amount of rain and storms we've had the past couple weeks. There was a big group of us but we managed to keep a good pace without too many stops and got in two full laps. I rode a few miles on a friend's Ellsworth Evolve 29er to see if I liked his White Brothers Fluid 110 fork. Nope, no thanks.... I don't think I could convert it to 80mm anyhow, but even if I could, I wasn't a fan. It was not very plush in the plush setting and not all that great of a platform in the platform setting. Not to mention the control has like 1,000 turns to it, how you are supposed to keep track of where it's set, I don't know. It's always fun to tool around on someone else's bike but seldom do I find one that is setup to my comfort. It's interesting to see what everyone likes to ride and how we are all different. Narrow bars, wide bars, high stems, no stems, saddle to bars drop or no drop.... everyone's bike is different.

Beth is back now from her long trip in Atlanta which has been great! The house was quite quiet with her gone. You can read about her adventure's here. Suffice to say she learned a LOT and have a ton of new ideas for Freshie and Zero.

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