Sunday, July 20, 2008

Getting out

Going with the theme of this thread over on NMB about how long you've been riding, and reading everyone's stories of the sense of freedom a bike gives you... I went out for a quick spin over to Percy Warner park this afternoon. I was getting a little stir crazy at home but also had trouble getting completely motivated. I finally got a couple chores done and just decided if I was going to go, it was going to be right now. Solo rides can be great. It's nice to get outside and get away from everything and just be left with your thoughts; no ipods, just the sounds of the city and the park.

It's great knowing you can just leave your house by bike and just ride around town, or ride to a great park like Percy Warner in only a few minutes time. When you are trying to get movitivated to do something active, knowing you need to pack up your stuff, get your bike and gear loaded in the car and drive almost an hour to ride can really allow you to be lazy... well it can allow me to be lazy. This Surly Crosscheck has been the best bike for me this year. Sure, I've had bikes I could ride from home and could easily ride them around town, but the motivation was never there. This bike makes it FUN... and get's me out on rides more. So get out there and ride your bike! Tell your friends you wanna ride and get some groups together and hit the road!

Here is a cool new robot riding a bike... if he can ride, you can ride: Robot Cyclist

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cornfed said...

sweet singlespeeding robot, not sure about that sus fork though...

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