Monday, January 28, 2008

what is this, work?

I'd sum up last week with one word.... work. Which actually was a good thing. January has been quite slow in Greg's little studio world so it was fun to get back to work. Feast or famine they say.... no work, then three tracking sessions, three days in a row, at different studios. It could of been a lot worse though as I was able to duck out of the first one early to go setup for day 2 at a different studio. Day 2 went great and I was able to meet a new engineer and producer which will hopefully be new clients. I was also lucky that Day 3 was back in the same studio as Day 1 and we were able to keep all of our mics and gear setup. I worked with an old friend Day 1 and Day 3 which was a lot of fun and made the days very easy.

I got a last minute phone call to record vocals Thursday night which I jumped on. Had to cancel the tap room trip, but I needed the work and it was also first engineering, which is what I'm working to do more of. I showed up early and got the lay of the land from the engineer, another old friend. The band still had 1 song to track so I jumped in and took over so my friend could leave and pick up his son from day care. We worked for an hour or so and finishing tracking the last song. The clients decided they were too tired to start vocals that night and wanted to just come in the morning and do them. Bad news for Greg as my work night just got a lot shorter, but I was able to come home and spend some quality time with Beth.

I put my nose to the grind with Google work this week and did as much as I could Thurs through Sunday. I took myself off the bike for the week due to a "new saddle injury", so I decided to just do as much work as I could to keep my mind off not turning the pedals. The crew went out for a long gravel grinder ride saturday morning, and I gotta say I was jealous. Recovery is recovery though, and it's hard to do it if you don't stop what caused the injury. I made tentative plans to try and ride Hamilton Creek in the early morning on Saturday before the trail thawed. I woke up at 6:30 and checked the temps and they were already at 32, so I bailed and just fell back asleep. Beth and I enjoyed a nice evening in Sat. night and got some drinks, made pasta, and played Guitar Hero III for a few hours.

On Sunday morning, Beth and I went to church which was really nice. A younger guy (our age) did the sermon this week and had a great one. It was a great way to end a long week of work. Friday was Beth's sister's birthday but she wasn't able to celebrate it until Sunday. We went to the country club for dinner (pasta bar! mmmm) and went back to the in-laws house for presents. It was a nice relaxing night to end a nice day and a great week.

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