Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007 miles, inspirational

Who can say they rode every day in 2007? This guy can:

He logged 11965 miles in 2007, 70% off-road and 30% road!!! My 962 miles are really looking weak. other news, Bike prep for Snake started tonight. I cleaned and regreased my Hadley hub on the Ventana (not the bike I'm taking though) because it has been feeling odd the last couple rides. Turns out the axle wasn't torqued down and my cassette was a tiny bit loose.

I donated a tube from the Ventana to use on my SS, and patched another tube that I apparently flatted last ride I took the Soma on.

I finally found some zip ties that would work to hold my Microwireless to my handlebars on the SS. Now I will be able to watch the miles creep by this weekend. I think I'll be leaving it on the time display for the most part, a watched pot never boils!

I also finally took the time to mount the thumb shifter Dan gave me to replace my broken pop-loc lever for the Reba. It's prob been broken for 2 months now but I never bothered to mess with it. I quickly discovered I didn't have any extra cable to use to mount it so I just put it on the back burner and was planning on getting Ivory to do it at MOAB. I thought I'd try to recycle the same cable and housing I was using before. It worked, but it's not pretty and not perfect. I decided to mount it on the right side of my bars this time b/c the housing is just a little too short to put the lever in reach on the left side. It's current position makes it look like a trigger shifter. I don't know if this will be the preferred spot for the long run, but it should work fine for Snake. I'm interested to see if it'll be worth having the thumb shifter and being able to set the fork between full-open and fully locked-out on the fly.

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