Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Marco...... Polo

Polo was back on this week. It felt like I hadn't played in months! It was a chilly night but we played some great games!

We decided playing 4 on 3 was the best idea so no one had to sit out in the cold. I think the teams were a bit lopsided at first, but we switched players and the last couple games were more even. Thad brought his new official ball, which doesn't hold air. We broke it in and scuffed it up. A new ball means new style of play and a new dynamic. Our usual field hockey ball with the water inside was immediately frozen.

Overall good times, good beer and no fights.

oh and Thad's got a new pimp polo mallet, which means I get to use his old pvc mallet which is the perfect length. win win....

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