Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tonka rules the house

Beth and I were at my brother's this past weekend visiting and exchanging some late Xmas gifts. My nephew is a little over 2 and 1/2 and is quite the chatterbox. He immediately showed me and Beth his room and where we were going to stay and where he was sleeping while we were visiting. Being a good uncle, I had to get him a big Tonka truck to play with. He loves it already and was holding the edges of the back and pushing it around the entire downstairs. We didn't realize that the wheels made a dull clicking noise to simulate the rumble of a real truck. Sorry Chris! It kind of echos over the entire downstairs. ooops! hehe

We got some fun gifts from my brother and his wife and we gave them a gift certificate for a nice dinner out, without the kids. It was fun meeting my new niece for the first time. She's just 5 weeks old and so small! They gave us a cool hand painted pottery money bank. The catch is you can't get the money out without breaking it. It's going to be our vacation money so we'll save as long as we can and then smash it and take the money and run....possibly to Seattle.

Looks like another low key week this week. I'm hoping to get some more miles on the crosscheck and I'm still pondering going to Ronnie Thomson Day in Georgia this weekend. Ronnie sadly passed away this past friday. He was 69 years old and made some great bike parts and also really supported cycling and SORBA. They are still going to have the celebration this weekend to celebrate his life. I hope the family keeps the business going and small.

I've got three tracking sessions booked back to back next week. Should be fun, but I know it will be three sleepless nights. I'll worry about that later though...

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