Monday, July 20, 2009

time won't let up

It's funny how things progress. You think you know what will happen for the next month, even week, but life has a way of moving at it's own pace, whether that's lightening fast or dsl slow. I always have lots I want to say and put up in this blog, but then I have trouble with the follow through. I get sucked into other, more engaging online activities like facebook/twitter/research etc and then lose the creative surge of energy to update the blog. I also haven't been cycling much lately which leads to not many updates, but I think this will be changing soon. Life has been giving me lots of lemons here in Nashville for a while, but lately it's changed to pears. I'm still not sure what to do with these pears but I hope to document the journey here.

Beth and I are currently in San Francisco, staying at the historic Hotel Vertigo where they filmed the Alfred Hitchcock movie. We just wrapped up the Renegade Craft Fair which was our first show on the west coast. It is my first trip to the left coast as well. We haven't had much time to explore during the day but we've found a few nice cafe's for breakfast and coffee (we're addicts, yes) and of course some fun pubs to unwind in the evenings. We've enjoyed some local Anchor brewing beer and many other Californian beers. Last night we explored the Mission area and ate and drank at The Monk's Kettle. It's a self-professed gastropub and the menu and beer selection didn't disappoint one bit. Upscale pub food, as it was described on their site, completely under-estimates the level of food. Unfortunately the walk from the 49 bus stop down 16th street was not so enjoyable. Wow, we definitely found a seedy area by accident.

We have all day tomorrow to explore the city. We don't have any set plans other than to rent the tour buggy which has a GPS guided tour. Should be a blast if I can get a hang of the motorcycle controls, wonder if it will be front brake on the right or left. We've had a very nice view of the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz from the festival pavilion but we're hoping to get a closer look in the buggy.

I've been a busy bee lately emmersing myself in everything social media and learning ways to promote independent, small businesses online. I've setup Beth's jewelry company, Freshie & Zero with a Facebook Fan Page and also a Twitter Acct. If you're interested, follow us, I promise you'll get a much more up-to-date account of our travels and business experiences. I'm hoping that this may become something I can offer to other indie style businesses in the future. I've already talked with one company about it and need to continue brainstorming and follow up. It's all about follow through in life right?

So, hey look, insomnia can lead to productivity! Here are a few pics of our trip so far. I'll most likely wait until my return trip to upload the lot of them to Flickr.

Yes, that is a guy playing the piano, that he pedaled to the show.


Adam said...

Looks like fun Greg! I'd stab my momma in the face for a plate of sushi like that.

cornfed said...

I'd stab his momma too. Looks tasty.

Riding around the presidio and over the bridge was a highlight of SSWC08... good times, fun town.

freshie (and zero) said...

That sushi was gooood. The Go Car tour was fun too!

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