Sunday, July 05, 2009

random musings

no riding going on here so I've been sitting in front of the computer a lot lately. Doing some Facebook work (yep I said work), Google Analytics learning/setup and basical SEO learning. Today I found out about Drupal. I've been reading up about that over a beer. It sounds awesome...yet another thing with a learning curve for me to get my head around and learn. It's added to the list.

I've been frequenting Crema a lot lately. That place has THE best espresso based drinks in Nashville as far as I'm concerned. I have yet to experience their 'basic' coffee so unfortunately I can't comment or rate that yet. I've been too busy enjoying their other drinks like the cappuccino, americano and the cuban. All have been stellar. I'm serious.... if you know me you know I have a love for coffee but this place is above all else in Nashville. I knew it would be good when I started with their cappuccino and it rivaled those I'd had on my honeymoon in Italy. It's rare to find a place that can make a European style cappuccino. The Cuban is also a treat and is their best selling drink.... basically it's a latte but the cream portion is split between creamer and condensed milk which adds a bit of sweetness. YUM! (oh and they won't gouge you on the price...check it MENU. Cheaper than most in town, including *$) my attempt to make the best use of my extra time of late, I've been brainstorming how I can help Crema out. Nothing is planned out yet but ideas are floating around and I hope to have things worked out soon. Stay tuned for more info here....and maybe other places as well, we'll see.

Another random thing I happened upon today as when Crema added me as a contact on Flickr. I was checking out their profile and noticed a group they were a member of.

Baristas and Their Bikes

wow... hehe What an off the wall group yet oddly endearing and cool. Not a lot of photos yet but it's great to see more people in the world enjoying their bikes and proud about it.

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