Friday, July 24, 2009


We're back from San Francisco and had a great trip. The craft show was good with a surprising turn out. Unfortunately there were a lot of window shoppers and not many people committing their money. We still enjoyed our stay though. The GoCar tour was a lot of fun. Sure we looked like dorks, but we put a smile on the face of everyone we drove by! We explored Fishermans Wharf, the beach front area near where the craft show was, The Golden Gate bridge, then up and into the Golden Gate park and through some of the famous parts of town like Haight-Ashbury and saw the Painted Ladys. We were both cooked after a couple hours though since the handbrakes were quite hard to use on the buggy and the little lawnmower engine was quite loud. It took us places we never would of gone though even if we had rented a car and the audio tour was great.

We survived a 1 1/2hr flight delay leaving San Fran which made us have to run from gate D6 to gate C12 in the Salt Lake City airport. We just knew there was no way our bags would make it given we only made it by 5 minutes. We also didn't realize until we checked into the airport on our way to San Fran that Northwest airlines is now owned by Delta.... ugh, our nemisis! (Delta = Delivering Everyone Late Through Altanta) To my utter surprise though out bags did make it! It was truly a miracle. On our return trip our big 50 lb bag wasn't searched like it was on the way to San Fran. On the way there they searched it, and of course, repacked it completely differently than I had it packed and things broke. I guess they weren't used to seeing a bag full of carny crafter's display supplies.

Beth has been hard at work the past couple days wipping out wholesale orders. I've been putting in a lot of hours designing and managing her Facebook fan page and Twitter acct. I set up a cool landing page for non-Facebook fans that better shows off her work. Check it out here: Freshie & Zero Fan Page If you like the tweeting with the twitters around the cyber watercooler, here's our Twitter page:

I finally got back out on the bike a little last night. It had been a couple weeks and I could tell. It was a good thing the roads were pretty dead cus I was using a lot of them. It was such a nice night though and I had the itch for some Yazoo beer and some catching up with friends time. Beth ended up going out and meeting with her Ladypreneurs group and made some great new connections. It was a win win evening, though poor Zero had the spend it our in our (awesome) backyard. I'm sure he was pissed.

Here are the lot of photos from our San Francisco trip.
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