Friday, April 10, 2009

It was nice while it lasted

RIP Bike room Nov 2008-April 2009

One more step towards adulthood, we are now owners of a nice dining room table.
Adulthood=1 Bikes=0

We've been getting a lot of work done around the house and yard in preparation for a housewarming party. Not much worth taking pictures of just yet. We're hoping for great weather for the partay and I'm sure there will be many photos snapped. Our place may never look this good again so we'll have to document it!

I haven't been getting the camera out on any rides lately either. I've been getting in some fun, hard rides. The boys all got their Moots and we all hit up Monty Bell for shakedown rides, heckling and supporting SORBA MidTN.

Last night was Yazoo tap room night. I've been working so hard on the house that I haven't been able to get out on the bike this week. Tap room night was my only excursion so I wanted to make the best of it. Of course I had to fix a flat right as I'm airing up my tires, so I'm off a bit late trying to get to Hillsboro Village before a friend leaves work to pick up some Flight of the Concords tickets.... wooo! "What?" "What?" 16 minutes flat for the 5 mile commute with the help of some well timed green lights. I headed down to the tap room after that to meet up with the crew. Saw lots of bikes, some locked up outside and the usual pile inside. Spring is here...good to see people taking advantage of it. Beth even came out and joined us which was a treat. We headed to McGuinness for some food with Thad on his new stiffMoots and Hannah on the bluefish. No crazy sidewalk riding this time and we all arrived in one peice, with the Moots getting it's first taste of a padlock on a fence.

oh and I just discovered the One Day As A Lion EP a couple weeks ago.... man, I'm really digging it! Wonder if/when they'll come out with a full length album. You should all check it out, even Beth says it's "Not Bad." and "Not as mean as the Rage Against The Machine"

All this talk of 8mm wrenches, 5/16th socket drivers and fiddly bolts is going too far. This all I need, it's fully adjustable and has a full range of torque specs:

This is just for you Thad....


cornfed said...

creepy hula man! Enjoy your vamp novels.

Grant said...

Wow. That is truly disturbing and for some reason I could not look away.

You sick bastard!

Anonymous said...

Is Old Greg singing "Love Games" while doing his hula dance?

freshie (and zero) said...

What's up with the hand photo?

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