Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Housewarming and temperature's cooling

Where'd spring go? It's blowing through, causing severe, tornado inducing, storms but the temperature just won't stay up. My heart goes out to those in Murfreesboro, TN that were hit by the latest tornado.

This past weekend was quite a lot of fun. We finally had our housewarming party. Since we'd moved in the middle of winter, we wanted to wait until spring time to throw a party. We were very fortunate with great weather, right after some terrible weather blew through. We worked hard on the finishing touches of the house and were very fortunate to have a lot of help primping up the yard from Beth's parents. Thad came into town early to help pickup the keg of Yazoo and next thing we knew, people were showing up and the party had begun!

It was a lot of fun showing our friends around our house and catching up with a lot of people we hadn't seen in months. It was a little cool out but most people preferred to hang out on our party deck and patio chattin', snackin', drinkin' and throwing some darts. We got the fire up and going as the sun set and just kept on talking and visiting. The dance party started around 11pm and went late into the night, even moving upstairs to 'Studio G'.

Easter morning came too early for me as I spent much of the evening on the couch. Beth and I had a great Easter brunch at her parents house and relaxed the rest of the day, recovering.

I spent much of Monday with my uncle and his family. They are in Nashville for their spring break so we had brunch at the Pancake Pantry, did some shopping in the Village and then I gave them a tour of one of the recording studios on the row where I frequently work.

Beth and I spent tuesday getting things together for her upcoming show in Richmond, VA. Troy took the initiative to plan a bike polo game in our old stomping grounds at Shelby Park. Thankfully we were able to get 6 riders out to play. We played some great, slightly more lowkey games, as a couple new comers to the game, Hannah and Joe, got their bearings. Dan H. showed up a little later and we continued playing for a while. It was a ton of fun. It felt really great to get back on the court and push the ball around. We were a little rusty, but quickly remembered some techniques and of course some celebratory beverages were enjoyed as well.

Today, a few of us met out at Montgomery Bell for another long trailride. Spring this year is really being tempermental and unpredictable. After getting a ton of rain lately, once again Montgomery Bell was really our only trail option. I have to admit that I'm getting just a little bit tired of this trail. I feel like it's the only trail I've been riding all year. We really changed our route up though this time around. We hit a lot of the course in the reverse direction and explored some Blue and White trails that we'd rarely ridden. Overall it was yet another great ride. The trail was in great shape with amazing traction. I was able to really hone in my cornering some more. I am still really enjoying my new Quiring and I feel like every ride I feel more and more comfortable on it. I've been practing my cornering a lot lately as I feel it has been a weak link for me and a perk of continually riding with people who are better than I am is that I can pick their brains for riding tips. We got in over 22 miles and were all quite spent at the end.

This coming weekend is our first out of town craft show for Freshie and Zero in Richmond, VA. It's only a one day show so we're gonna combine it with some family time and visit my brother and my parents. We'll be back Monday of next week and then will be preparing for our next trip to Birmingham that coming weekend. Busy busy spring for Freshie and Zero. I hope the public is looking for some elegant, affordable jewelry.... papa gots some toys he wants! (and some race entrance fees to pay)


freshie (and zero) said...

So when's our next party?

Anj said...

Love the pics of the house! I regret that Easter weekend took me away from checking out the party. I heard many, many stories about the good times had by all. Maybe someday soon, you'll have Daniel and I as neighbors....the plan is to be in Nashville by the end of the year.

Good luck to Beth at the show!

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