Monday, December 01, 2008

wheels keep on turnin'

New frame is finished, but sitting in Michigan. Not sure if the fork is done yet, hope so and I hope it's shipping soon...

Stem is in, rims are in, chainring and cogs are in, seat post, front hub and tires are on order. King hub is removed from crappy old 317 rim and ready for it's new home, laced to a 29er Stan's Flow.

Wonder when the bike will be ridable... hope it ships soon!


cornfed said...

the smugness just oozes off of your smug mug in that photo.

ti frame smugness.

gotta get me some

ti frame bragger!! BRAGGART I SAY!!! BRAGGING BRAGGART!!!

FullSquishy said...

No kidding....Rich dudes get all the fun stuff....merry xmas Greg...sweet ride.

Reedly said...

(Crap, can you delete that one Greg? Apparently I had an account from long ago with a different email address!!))

oh, the humanity. A bike that's finished, but sitting at the factory. I feel your pain. We gotta bun in the oven, that we can't take out yet!! LOL

Can't wait to see the new ride!

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