Thursday, December 11, 2008

The build is coming along nicely. Fred and Rick at Harpeth Cycles have come through big time with getting the wheels laced up quickly, my King hub serviced and installing my headset and BB. I spent some quality time tonight putting the pieces together while watching some "For Your Eyes Only". It's been a long time since I have assembled a bike from the ground up. It's exciting and so far is all coming together well. I got the wheels all set and tires installed with the magic Stan's goop. I've got a few pieces of bling left to debut and I'm hoping to be able to ride the thing by this weekend.

Me and some friends (and new bloggers) rode at Percy Warner Park today. I was really wanting to get on the bike and the weather was just not looking good for the entire week. I saw an opening in the forecast and sent some emails. HalfSquishy, Mr. Clean and Tim S. showed up to hit the hilly, wet roads of the park. The weather wasn't great, but the ride was awesome. The park was very quite, no one was there but us and the fog was thick. We rode to the nice overlook of downtown only to see about 50 yards into the fog. It was great! Really gave you the feeling you were riding somewhere exotic like the woods of France or something. We were also treated to a gang of male turkeys, which Chris (Mr. Clean) and I got to see a second time on our second lap. We also saw a good sized buck to which Chris mentioned: "Man, he looks like he could really kick our ass if he wanted." It was good times for sure...

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FullSquishy said...

Thanks for the invite Greg. I had a great time. The bike is looking good.

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