Friday, December 12, 2008


That's "fineeeeee", not "fine".

The Quiring build is complete. Steerer is cut (measure how many times?) and star nut is set. Thanks to HalfSquishy, aka Kelly B! Big thanks to him for helping me complete the final steps and the moral support during the cutting of the steerer tube.

What no pics you say?? Nope. It's not quite time to debut this bad boy. That and I didn't have time before the sun set to take the bike for it glamour shots. Kelly and Tim S have seen it... ask them what it looks like! I think it looks bad ass and from the little bit that of time I spent sitting on it in the hallway, it's gonna ride awesome! heh

I'm really looking forward to taking the Quiring out on it's madien voyage. Unfortunately I've developed a cold with some serious sinus pressure. That and oh yea, there was snow out! I hope the forecast changes for the new week cus right now it's looking bleak!


FullSquishy said...

Oh....It is sweeet. I will vouch for that....Woo Hoo!!!

cornfed said...


Chewieez said...

–adjective, smug⋅ger, smug⋅gest.
1. contentedly confident of one's ability, superiority, or correctness; complacent.
2. trim; spruce; smooth; sleek.

I choose the second definition.

I am pretty smooth and sleek.

cornfed said...

They call you Spruce.


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