Tuesday, May 27, 2008

long memorial weekend

The weekend is finally over and I'm back to work. This is my first blog posting from my phone...I guess people call it moblogging or mlogging. that all sounds weak.... I'm working a session and have time to kill but can't use my laptop....this seems like a good alternative.

I was in Paducah this weekend selling jewelry with Freshie & Zero. The weather was perfect but the show attendence wasn't what it was last year. Lots of possible reasons but it's hard to not think gas prices and less disposable income aren't big reasons. This show draws a lot of out of towners to Paducah and $d a gallon probably kept many away.

I enjoyed a lot of quality time with Beth and we got to stay in a 100 year old house in a railroad style apt. We got back to Nashville just in time to head over to Mannondale's pre-Memorial bash. He threw a great party with some fresbee 500, large and long dogs, beers and good friends. Gonna miss Mannondale when he officially leaves town.

Hawt Mike mentioned a group from Wood N Wave was going to ride Hammy Monday morning and I was psyched to join in. I hadn't ridden Hammy since like Nov so I was overdue. The weather was threatening in the morning but I felt optimistic and left for the trail anyways. quick call to Mike comfirmed the ride was gonna happen. We waited a bit for the WoodnWave crew but thought they would bail due to the rain. (turns out we just had the start time wrong).

The sky cleared up and the temperature rose quickly. Mike and I rode a leasurely pace and previewed the race loop in the correct clockwise direction. ahhh sweet Hammy, oh how I'd missed you. I really enjoyed the trail and my legs were feeling great on the SS, even after a week off the bike.

I was looking for a few more miles and Mike was all in until he noticed he had a flat. This was after a front tube ejecting out of his tire, a pedal clip face plant and a stem condition check so he was not in the tube changing mod.

I rolled another short loop alone and then added a few more miles looking for my multitool. I really need to come up with a new method of carrying stuff on the bike, sans camelback. This is two riders where my saddlebag has opened mid ride.

(so I found out the limit of blogging by phone. I have a text maximum... guess I need to be less longwinded when using my phone.)

So ride at Hammy=good. Trail was in great shape and Mike was great company. You could read all about his take on the ride if he updated his blog. He seems to think his life isn't exciting enough to blog.... yea, well, I'd say most people who have a blog feel that way.

Looking forward to heading to Asheville this weekend to celebrate with JutRut. Beth is heading to Disney World tomorrow so I'm bachin' it the rest of the week. What better weekend than riding in Pisgah?


cornfed said...

$d a gallon!! Damn, prices are so high that they have to use letters in place of numbers now, eh thumbs?

Fixie 8-ball didn't mention all the woes he had riding. I warned him, but he never listens. Darn kids.

Have fun at Jut's. Kick him in the shins for me.

Chewieez said...

it's moblogging slang for $4....man I thought you were with it... it's what all the kids are calling it these days

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