Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wow, since May 2006

Can't believe I set this thing up over a year ago! Still not sure if or how much I'll actually use this thing. I'm not the best with writing down what's going on with me and having it come across remotely interesting. I figured out how to integrate mycyclinglog info into the blog which I think is pretty cool.

I just finished up another night of bike polo with the Yazoo crew. Another night of very few crashes and little carnage which is nice. I will have a few more bruises on my legs, mainly below my knees. My knees have a bad habit of scraping down my top tube repeatedly. It's been a blast these past couple weeks riding and hanging with Thad ( Johnny5 ) and the other Yazoo guys I've met. They have quite the weekly riding schedule down with many nights filled with beer which is always welcomed! Between two rides at MB, bar hopping from Yazoo through midtown and two game of bike polo I've just been lovin' it! They are very welcoming!

As I sit here and type I can barely move my head to the right without a load of pain. I'm not sure if this would be polo related or just a bad night of sleep this week. I'm thinking that latter. Beth just gave me a stout painkiller so I'm waiting for it to kick in before I crash. I've got a big day of work tomorrow which is great! Work has been picking back up again which has been very nice. Work always equals cash flow which keeps morale up! I've got two sessions booked tomorrow and need to find time to set up for a tracking date that's going on thursday morning. No sense complaining! Enjoy the work when it is there and enjoy the time off when it isn't.... keep telling myself this!

It is actually going to work out great this week. I worked a little last night (Labor Day), worked today and will work tomorrow and thurs. Then friday, Beth and I are packin' the Explorer and heading to German Town in Memphis, TN for a craft show weekend. Hopefully the show will go smooth with a constant flow of interested consumers. No electricity at this show so no fan, hope it stays relatively cool for us, under 90 would be grand!

Here is a link to my flickr set from my first bike polo night this past saturday:
Chewieez Inaugural Bike Polo Night
Click for Vid, didn't want to embed (too big)

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