Thursday, September 06, 2007

tired and self-medicating

Well, another long day of work, emotions ran the gamut today... excitement, frustration, accomplishment, aggrevation, awe, exhausted. That would be the summary of today's events in chronological order. Worked a tracking session today at 10am which went well but just seems filled with little things to aggravate you. At the end of that session though I was happy with the sounds I got and the songs all turned out well. A little hectic getting rolling and getting the herd happy, but I think everyone left happy (I hope).

We recorded vocals on the 5 songs we cut starting at 2pm, after a too-short lunch break of Jersey Mike's (yum!) I was presented with a few different challenges as far as vocal types to record but it was fun and I still feel that I get better and quicker each session I do. At this point it isn't so much of how to do it, as it's listening and deciding what I 'want' to do and how I want to handle or treat the vocal. I also had the pleasure of recording a very talented singer today which was enjoyable! She had an amazing power to her voice and had all the control it needed. Surprisingly too she was almost 8 months pregnant and still belted it out!! We finished up the day with songwriters singing on their respective songs, did a couple rough mixes and headed home.

My neck is still really bothering me. It felt great for most of today but after about 5pm it started to ache again. Still not sure of the cause of the problem, just hopeful it goes away before the end of the weekend. I am currently enjoying a taproom No.21 Lager.

I just took another pain pill from Beth. Hopefully this one helps more than the last one I took which only seemed to give me a stomach ache.

Looking forward to a long night of rest and sleeping in a little tomorrow. Then we'll be packing up and heading to Memphis for the weekend. I think it will be very nice to get away for a few days.

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